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Venues information

Clique aqui e confira e-book com os espaços locáveis do Autódromo: Interlagos Espaços Locáveis.

Check below a panorama with the maps of the main areas of sports use in the Autodromo José Carlos Pace,,pt,which include the official runway,,pt,to auxiliary track,,es,Ancient Ruler and Curve of the Horseshoe,,pt,normally used for driving training,,pt,to off-road track,,es,such as vehicle testing 4,,pt,and the Kartódromo,,pt, que incluem a pista oficial, a pista auxiliar (antigo Retão e curva da Ferradura, normalmente usada para treinos de pilotagem), a pista off-road (como testes de veículos 4×4) e o Kartódromo:

Pista oficial

Pista oficial



Área do Kartódromo


Auxiliar Track: Retão and Ferradura


Retão, na pista auxiliar. Trecho da Ferradura da pista auxiliar


Pista Off-road

Área da pista off road.


events for areas,pt

Besides race competitions, for test-drives sport and car events, the Interlagos Racetrack may also host other events at its assorted areas.

The Arena Interlagos has a capacity to host approximately 30 thousand people on a great show, like the ones that have already happened such as Iron Maiden, o festival de música eletrônica Skol Beat, a missa do Padre Marcelo Rossi e o festival Lollapalooza.

Arena Interlagos. Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

Arena Interlagos: usada como estacionamento ou espaço para shows e outros eventos. Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.


At the Tribuna de Honra - with the capacity for up to 600 people - may host parties, buffets and celebrations with sophistication and comfort. There are two VIP lounges reserved, lifts, bathrooms and with an overview of the track.

Tribuna de Honra acima da arquibancada. Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

Vista externa da Tribuna de Honra, acima da arquibancada. Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.


Parte interna da Tribuna de Honra. Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

Inside the Tribune Honor. Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.


Other available spaces and lounges are ideal to work as a reception area, training courses and smaller events. One of the Interlagos advantages is that the areas can be rented part or full time.

If not palestras, it´s better to schedule at night, since, daytime, at the race track there are usually cars racing until 6pm.

A capacidade total das arquibancadas fixas é de 20.480 people.


Confira nos links abaixo os procedimentos e as novas tabelas de preços:

procedures (Portaria da SMTur Nº 6 – 4/4/2019)

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Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris