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The Interlagos Circuit is administered by the Sao Paulo Tourism (SPTuris, municipal business tourism and events). Requests for information, data and interviews on local, please contact the press office of SPTuris.


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  • Can I drive my car or bike on the track track?

    Unfortunately, can not. It is not allowed to drive car, motorcycle or any other vehicle in particular official track without the supervision of an authorized entity. The administration of the Interlagos Circuit does not promote this type of activity.

    There are flight schools sports that offer this type of service and, if you are interested, suggest you contact a school duly authorized to teach courses on the premises Speedway.

  • Can I visit Interlagos?

    The Interlagos Circuit also features a public park on track perimeter, where it is possible to walk, Running and cycling. Visitation is free and open, daily, 7am to 17h, except on event days and during renovations for the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1. Access can be made through the gates 7 or 9. No time, o uso da perimetral está suspenso, devido às obras.

    The track official Race Course is not open for hiking. You can visit and learn about other areas of the Racecourse when there are no events. We kindly ask you to send a message through the Contact Us form to check for available dates. They prefer, contact management Speedway by phone (+55 11) 5666-8822 for scheduling a scheduled visit.

  • How do I book an event at the race track?

    There are several leasable spaces at the Interlagos Circuit. Check it out and know the area that fits best for your event. For lease, send a message through the Contact Us form on this page with information and event details. Thus, staff Autódromo can help you choose the best area for your event. They prefer, contact with the commercial sector by phone (+ 55 11) 5666-8822.

  • Does anyone may book a venue at Interlagos?

    Not. Only companies with businesses can lease space at the Autodrome, because there are rules for the use and safety.

  • How much to lease an area at the Autodrome?

    The rental amount depends on the chosen area and price list is available at the Autodrome, as published in the Official Gazette of the City of 27/12/2014, or each page of leasable spaces.

    All the necessary structure to the event will be provided by its promoter.

  • How do I watch a race at the Autodromo?

    Choose the race you want to watch the page Highlights, with the news of the confirmed events. The Interlagos Circuit has diversified programming, which includes paid and free events.

    We suggest you also visit the site of the promoters and verify the information specific to each event. Generally, ticket sales is held on points or disclosed, in the event day, Speedway box office.

    The Speedway is only responsible for leasing areas, fitting to the promoter all responsibility for the event.

  • How do I get information about the Brazil GP 1?

    All information about the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1 are available on the website

  • What is the age limit age for getting in?

    Cada organizador de evento divulga a censura de idade para entrada de público e, normally, é permitido acesso de crianças partir dos cinco anos, accompanied by parents or guardians.

  • Can I use the Kartodromo?

    Somente com associações e entidades devidamente autorizadas a realizar atividades no espaço. We kindly ask you to contact the Automobile Federation of São Paulo (Fasp) que realiza a maioria das atividades esportivas no Kartódromo. The calendar of activities of the equipment is available at the institution:

  • Can I participate in the car night races??

    The Interlagos Circuit is solely responsible for the leasing of areas. For more information, we kindly ask you to contact the event promoter.

    In the case of Drag Race (racha noturno), responsible is the Interlagos Motor Club, whose contact can be found on the website

    Normally, The event takes place along with the steps of the Championship Automobile Automobile Federation of São Paulo (Fasp).

  • I lost an object in an event at the Autodrome, where can I try to recover it?

    In the case of information about objects lost and found during events held at the Autodrome, contact Security by number (11) 5666-8822.

Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris