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Medical Center

Centro Médico. Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

The location is exclusively used for events that require hospital basic structure. Allows medical care with the first procedures for people who eventually suffer accidents in evidence in the circuit.

One can mount structure ICU - Intensive Care Unit -, with possibility of some surgical interventions. It has support rooms and space for three cars on the inside that allow rapid removal.


Technical specifications

Area: 422,68 m²

Possui dez quartos de diferentes tamanhos, quatro boxes de enfermaria, storehouse, copa, assim como uma sala de banho usado para pré-oratório.

Provides water, light, ar-condicionado, bathrooms (masculino e feminino) e garagem para posicionar ambulâncias.



Centro médico (pdf)


Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris