The Circuit – The Interlagos Race Track - Autódromo José Carlos Pace

The Circuit


Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

The racing circuit of Interlagos Circuit "José Carlos Pace" currently has 4.309 meters long. Originally, the track had 7.823 meters long, but was completely redesigned 1990, when completed Autodrome 50 years old. Since, stretches as the curve S, Kiss Duck, Dip and curve of the Sun became part of the path. The track not only receives the Grand Prix Formula 1, as well as important national events of categories, as the Stock Car, Formula 3, Motorbike comes from, among other. To house the teams in each event, The circuit has 23 boxes of 216 m² each, stands with fixed capacity 18 mil pessoas e toda a infraestrutura necessária. The everyday circuit is occupied by specialized schools that teach defensive driving and riding, apart from training the categories.

Track changes

The original track had Autodrome 7.960 meters long, and decreased to 7.873 meters 1979, when renovations were made to get back to Formula 1. But after a major intervention was performed in the late 1980 that the route now has 4.325 meters long, according to the new requirements of the organization category. "The circuit had to adapt, como parte de um processo de modernização, que também favoreceu a segurança e a esportividade de outras provas nacionais. All pilots praise enough the tracing, to be challenging and provide a great spectacle to the public ", comenta João Mihalik, Racecourse manager.

Drag strip

In 2015, the so-called "Retão" - the auxiliary track that is part of the old circuit of Interlagos Circuit -, also debut a new structure that, in addition to the courses taught by flight schools, enables drag racing disputes. An excerpt with 500 meters long has equipment to ensure more security for this type of activity. Were installed 500 meters guard rails on either side of the track, side protection grid, painting and signaling asphalt. The track allows the realization of evidence paired with two cars, disputing the torn side by side safely for pilots and public. It may also, we avoid the so-called "street cracks", que são perigosos porque acontecem em vias públicas e colocam em risco a vida das pessoas.

Você sabia que…

… o traçado de Interlagos foi inspirado nas pistas de Indianápolis, in the United States, Brooklands, na Inglaterra, e Monthony, France?

… na construção foram usados 7.200 cubic meters of stone, 435 tons of asphalt and 135 miles of barbed wire?

… o circuito atual do Autódromo possui 11 curves and the width of the track varies between 12 and 15 meters long?

… existe um desnível de cerca de 56 meters between the highest point, the curve "S Senna", and the lowest, na "Curva do Lago"?


Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris