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Interlagos general info

Nova torre de Controle Operacional, concluída em 2016. Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

José Carlos Pace Race Track - known as Interlagos Circuit - is in many people's imaginary, especially those who enjoy motoring. This track have already raced worldwide pilots of the main racing categories, besides motor sports competitions, walk and run races, concerts and events. Get to know a little about the Interlagos Circuit, and its history, the track, the Kartodromo and check out below some statements.

Did you know?

The São Paulo circuit went through a stage of reforms between 2014 and 2016, consolidating itself as one of the best racing tracks in the world?

O Autódromo completou 76 years 2016, bringing in historical moments of the Brazilian auto racing and world. On 12 May 1940, was born one of the main circuits of Latin America, that began to receive national and international categories, plus evidence of Motorcycling, other motor sports and other events.

Formula Vee, passing the stock car to the machine of Formula 1, a pista paulistana também possui etapas de motovelocidade, como a Super Bike. In lane assist, which was part of the old route, continue activities and training of flight schools, automakers and test of rush in the new recently renovated stretch.

It may also, the Karting Ayrton Senna também passou por melhorias e voltou a ser palco de disputas para pilotos novos no kart já no início de 2015. In other spaces, music festivals such as Lollapalooza and other events complete the full calendar of the equipment, with the move all year.

Brief history

Initially, Interlagos had been planned to be a satellite town where, plus a racetrack, have infrastructure such as homes, commercial complexes, hotel, church and other establishments. The first project was first designed in the mid- 1920 by British engineer Louis Romero Sanson, who owned an estate plan for the south region of São Paulo. With the participation of Alfred Agache, French urban planner suggested name the area "Interlagos", the similarity with the Swiss region of Interlaken - which means "between the lakes" -, because it is between two dams paulistanas, Billings e Guarapiranga.

Com área total de cerca de 1 milhão de metros quadrados, o Autódromo é atualmente administrado pela Secretaria Municipal de Turismo (SMTur).


Testimonials from authorities and personalities


João Ottoni. Foto: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

Dr,,en,João Luiz Ottoni,,pt. João Luiz Ottoni – Diretor do Autódromo de Interlagos
“É uma honra começar minhas atividades como gestor do Autódromo no ano em que ele completa 80 years old. Interlagos é um dos circuitos automobilísticos mais importantes e complexos do mundo, com seus mais de 4 mil metros de pista, curvas, aclives e declives. É um espaço muito querido por pilotos brasileiros e estrangeiros e, conforme os depoimentos, considerado a casa de diversas estrelas da Fórmula 1 e outras categorias.
O complexo todo possui cerca de 1 milhão de metros quadrados, incluindo uma área de parque aberta ao público, all this enjoyed annually by thousands of lovers of four-wheel motor sports,,pt,motorbike speed,,pt,in addition to other sports such as cycling and even pedestrian marathons,,pt,Eclectic,,pt,Interlagos is also the stage for hosting shows,,pt,festivals and a lot of other events.,,pt, de motovelocidade, além de outras modalidades como ciclismo e até maratonas de pedestres. Eclético, Interlagos também é palco para receber shows, festivais e uma porção de outros eventos.”

Rubens Barrichelo. Foto: divulgação.

Rubens Barrichello – Stock Car pilot
“The Interlagos Circuit represents the entire beginning of my passion for speed. It was at my grandmother's house, that lived by the the circuit, where the racing taste, began, and the first races that I´ve watched by the fence. I drove my first kart at the Kartódromo parking, because on Sundays the race track was closed. If you have a place I can talk about 'home race', this place is certainly the Interlagos Circuit. There are several special memories. One of then is the affection that I have always been welcomed during the 19 years that I´ve raced by the F1 here in Sao Paulo., and now with the Stock Car. It is always very special to be and run in Interlagos.”

Emerson Fittipaldi. Foto: José Cordeiro/SP Turis.

Emerson Fittipaldi - Former pilot, champion Formula 1
“The Interlagos Circuit is everything in my career, cause it is where I started running when I was 14 years old. The circuit nowadays is not only an icon here in Brazil, but, also in worldwide. The track has history, tradition, and it´s part of the Brazilian culture and sport. It is for me, my office”

Tony Kanaan. Foto: José Cordeiro/SP Turis.

Tony Kanaan - IndyCar driver
“I grew up in Interlagos: since my 8 years old I used to be all the time at the Karting and Race Track. If there´s a place where I´ve spent the most of the time of my life, this place is here. Whenever I come back, emotions flow, childhood memories. The Interlagos Circuit is the love of my life!”

Bruno Senna. Foto: José Cordeiro/SP Turis.

Bruno Senna - pilot of World Endurance (FIA-WEC)
“The Interlagos Circuit is the first clue that I walked with racing car; is my home, the beginning of my story in motorsport. I love the circuit, because it is very challenging: have all kinds of curve, ascents and descents.”


Nonô Figueiredo. Foto: divulgação.

Nono Figueiredo - Stock Car pilot
“Interlagos symbolizes for me the Brazilian motorsport itself. Having the opportunidade to recognize that the main drivers of all times have raced here is something very special. As a pilot, is a great privilege to have driven in the original circuit. I have experienced the track transformation to a 'modern era' of sports and participated in races with victories in many categories.

I will keep many memories that will last forever in my mind, as when I used to watch the races looking though the fences, wondering if one day I would be one of them.”

Viviane Senna.

Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute President do
"The Interlagos circuit has always been special to Ayrton and I imagine that, after that he lived there, became more special for each Brazilian. I remember, at the time of retirement Speedway, he contributed technical opinions on the layout and, especially, in the curve S. The ski Interlagos count emblematic stories of Ayrton, especially in its two victories in Sao Paulo for the F1. The Interlagos circuit is a milestone in the history of F1 and the life of Ayrton. It is a place of reference for each Brazilian, serving as inspiration to their personal achievements. "

Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris