Directions and map – The Interlagos Race Track - Autódromo José Carlos Pace

Directions and map

The Interlagos Circuit is located in the southern region of São Paulo and the official address is Ave. Senador Teotônio Vilela, 261, in the neighborhood of Interlagos – Sao Paulo, May – SP, MOBILE 04801-010.

Check out the location and the different ways to Interlagos.

See also some tips than take before going to the race track.

Choose your transportation:

  • Train

    Located approximately at six minutes of walk far, the Autódromo Station (Line 9 – Esmeralda / Osasco-Grajaú) is an alternative for those who want to escape traffic.

    Another option is to arrive at Jurubatuba station and catch a bus at the final station. See line options below. Entrance through Gate 7.

  • Bus

    The city of São Paulo has several bus lines that arrive at the Interlagos Circuit. The ticket is R$ 3,80 (três reais e oitenta centavos).




    607M-10 Terminal Grajaú Shopping Morumbi
    6055-10 Jardim Sao Bernardo Shopping Interlagos
    6069-10 Jardim Sao Bernardo Santo Amaro
    6110-10 Housing Palmares Airport
    6027-10 Garden Blackbird Terminal Santo Amaro
    6030-10 Unisa Campus I Terminal Santo Amaro
    6030-21 Unisa Campus I Terminal Santo Amaro
    6062-51 Garden Castro Alves Terminal Santo Amaro
    6074-10 Garden Seagulls Station Jurubatuba
    6076-10 Garden Progress Terminal Santo Amaro
    6076-41 Garden Satellite II Terminal Santo Amaro
    6078-10 Corner Of The Sky Shopping Interlagos
    6080-10 Garden Lucélia Shopping Interlagos
    6091-10 Great vargem Terminal Santo Amaro
    6091-21 Garden Silveira Terminal Santo Amaro
    6091-51 Garden Cologne Terminal Santo Amaro
    6128-10 Christmas Village Shopping Morumbi
    637G-10 Grajaú Pines
    637G-51 Eliana Garden Pines
    637J-10 St. Joseph Villa Pines
    637V-10 Park America Terminal Santo Amaro
    675G-10 Parque Residencial Cocaia Metro Jabalpur
    675G-41 Garden Castro Alves Metro Jabalpur
    675G-22 Parque Residencial Cocaia Santa Maria College
    675R-10 Grajaú Metro Jabalpur
    675X-10 Terminal Grajaú Vila Mariana Metro
    677V-10 Alpine Garden Station Autodrome
    695D-10 Garden Santa Barbara Metro Jabalpur
    695H-10 Garden Herplin Metro Square From Tree
    695X-10 Terminal Varginha Metro Jabalpur
    695X-22 Terminal Varginha Shopping Interlagos
    695Y-10 Terminal Parelheiros Vila Mariana Metro
    5630-10 Terminal Grajaú Metro Bras
    5370-10 Terminal Varginha Largo São Francisco
    6026-10 Terminal Santo Amaro Garden Icaraí


  • Bicycle

    If you like to ride your bike, on Sundays, you can go biking through the "Ciclofaixa de Lazer" Guarapiranga, that connects the bike lane South/West to Guarapiranga dam.

    The Speedway is located approximately halfway of the bike track, which runs every Sunday, from 7am to 16pm. Check out the bike route map

    It may also, the Autódromo train station (Line 9 – Esmeralda) own bike parking with 261 spots, where you can leave your bike for free. The parking space is bright, with concrete floor and security to control the access and protect the bikes parked.

    To use , you may place an order by submitting your ID and bring your own lock to hold the bike. More information: company's website [in portuguese].

  • Car

    The Racetrack is located close to Marginal Pinheiros and Av. Senador Teotônio Vilela. Parking lot is free, except on the events, the access may be restricted. Get informations before going there.

  • Taxi

    The city of São Paulo has about 33 thousand vehicles, divided in four categories: common, taxi, special and luxury. There are taxi spots in hundreds of places in São Paulo, specially by the hotels and bus stations. You may also find some spots close to the Racetrack, at Antonio Barbosa da Silva Sandoval Ave, between Rio Bonito ave and Antonio da Costa Dias st.; at Feliciano Correa ave, between Pedro Santa Lucia St. and Irenaeus Correia da Silva St.; at Interlagos Ave., between Dr. Francisco Barbosa Quartim st. and Batista Botelho square; at Montanaro Rubens Borba ave, between Jangadeiro ave and Juan Gonzales Vila st.; at Teotônio Vilela ave., between Padre José Garzotti ave. and Jangadeiro ave.; Celso Lara Barberis st., between Jacinto Júlio ave. and Arthur Nascimento Jr st.; Interlagos ave., between Enzo Ferrari Square and Antonio Barbosa da Silva Sandoval ave.; Jaquirana st., between Senator Teotônio Vilela ave. and Interlagos ave..

  • Helicopter

    There´s also an helipad at Interlagos também, which can be used for free. Plenty of companies offer this service in the city..

  • Plane

    The nearest airport to Interlagos race track is the Congonhas Airport., REGION também in south city.

Photos: José Cordeiro/SPTuris